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 A Fresh Batch of TEFL/TESOL Certification Arriving
 Congratulations to the Recent Graduates
 Diploma in The Montessori Method Providing Unique Methodology In Teaching Kids
 Certificate in Teaching IELTS is Welcome by ESL Teacher
 1st Group of 2014 Graduation in TEFL/TESOL Course
 New TESOL Classroom Course Opening in Dec.
 Accrediting Body Changes in 2014 with Certificate Level Higher
 Latest Member of Our High Achievers Group in Apr.
 Participating in International Conference invited by Shenzhen Government
 Trail Blazer
 Congratulations to the Latest Graduates
 Providing Workshop to International School
 New Group of TEFL/TESOL Learners Graduation in Nov.
 Nine TEFL/TESOL Learners Getting the Certificate in May
 Excellent TEFL Learners Got the Certificate in Oct.
 Diploma in Teacher Training Launch in Shenzhen in Sep.
 Golden TEFL Becoming the Training Partner of EF for Excellent Teacher
 The Intensive TEFL course Completion in Mid-August
 Shenzhen Korea International School(KIS) TESOL Diploma Course for Foreign Teachers Successful ompletion.
 TESOL weekend course opening on 14 Apr.(Sat.)
 TEFL Intensive Course Completing on 6 Apr.,2012 Successfully
 New learners got TEFL & TESOL International Teacher Certifiates in March with good Marks
 The Leading Accreditation Body in UK for TEFL/TESOL Certificate Consultant Center Launching Shenzhen








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