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  Name: Roger
Education:Doctor of Education from Flinders University
Nationality: Australia
Position: Chief Tutor; Education Expert
Style: Knowlegeable, precise,lively
Education:£ºMaster of Education from University of Johannesburg
Nationality: South African
Position: Senior Tutor
Style: Knowlegeable,practical,logical
Education:£ºMaster of Education from Florida State University
Nationality: American
Position: Senior Tutor
Style: Strong affinity,Patient,lively
Education:£ºBA Philosophy in University of Leeds; IELTS Examiner Certified, CELTA
Nationality: Britisher
Position: Tutor
Style: Precise, Knowlegeable ,lively
Education:£ºBA education in University of Hertfordshire
Nationality: Britisher
Position: Tutor
Style: Patient, interactive
Education:£ºBA Education in North-West University
Nationality: South Afirca
Position: Tutor
Style: Practical,lively



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