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Graduate Diploma in TESOL

With the Graduate Diploma in TESOL Level course you will build upon the knowledge and expertise gained at diploma level. It is designed for those who wish to take on a more senior level in their teaching career, perhaps senior tutor or ELT management, or for those who wish to enhance their professional development.
You will gain knowledge of the English language and its origins along with in depth understanding of various Teaching methodologies. Discover how to analyse needs and design syllabi along with the administration and creation of EFL examinations and placement tests. Research and Development is the final component of the course programme to increase your expertise.
The Graduate Diploma in TESOL is a stepping stone for careers in teaching English and in many other fields which require a knowledge of teaching and learning, linguistics and the structure and origins of the English language.
The programme consists of six modules and assessment is by essay type assignments, tasks, two mini-theses and a research project.

Level Level: 7,TQUK Endorsed

Entry Requirements:
a) Dip TESOL or
b) 2yrs classroom experience

Course Length: 370 hours



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